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Law Office of Carini & FrancisYou have questions. You want answers. Do you want to take time off from work and schedule appointments to visit lawyers in their offices?

Call. Get the correct answers. All on the telephone. No charge. If we get along and you want us to take you in as a client, we will discuss that too. If you want to have a face to face, we can make that happen.

We have been specializing in Oregon DUII defense for a long time. You can tell by our photos that we have seen some life. We know our material. If you’re like most people who call us, you are reading all sorts of web sites, trying to educate yourself on the law. A word of advice … stop.

The information on many sites is so general and basic that it is confusing, at best. At its worst, much of the content on the web is stale and no longer valid, or just wrong.

DUII laws change all the time. There are more DUII cases appealed than any other criminal offense in Oregon. The Oregon Supreme Court and the Oregon Court of Appeals issue rulings every Wednesday with new interpretations of the laws governing DUII cases. Administrative agencies are constantly fine-tuning the rules governing license suspensions.

Lawyers don’t look to websites for legal answers. You shouldn’t either. We know that it’s fun and empowering to read up and try to find the key to unlock your case, but we have seen folks get delusional after reading this stuff. Be careful. Use the web sites to get an idea on who you are most likely to trust to be your lawyers. Pick up the telephone and call. Talk about what happened. Get good, current, accurate information. This is the most efficient and least aggravating way to get a handle on your present situation.

If you’re like most people, you will will want answers to questions like these:

• Are you guys the best DUII defense attorneys in this county, based on my particular situtation? If not, who is?

• What will it cost me to hire a good DUII attorney? How much do you charge? Do you have payment plans?

• If I can’t afford you, can you give me a referral to another lawyer who you know is competent to handle my case?

• How do you guys win these DUII cases? What are the odds that you can win mine?

• What will happen if I plead guilty on my own without an attorney?

• I just got arrested, is there anything I need to do right away?

• I was arrested for DUII in one city but I have to go to court in another city. Why is my case is another city?

• Can you keep me from getting a jail sentence if I am convicted of DUII?

• How is being charged with other crimes, such as hit and run or reckless driving, going to affect the sentence on a DUII if I plead guilty?

• How can you keep my license from being suspended if I failed a breath test or refused a breath test?

• What do I say at my first court appearance?

• How can I get my police reports when the police will not give them to me?

• How can I be charged with DUII when the medications that I take are prescribed by a doctor?

You can have the answers to most or all of these questions with a 15 to 30 minute telephone call. If we don’t know the answer to a question, we will tell you that — and we  will also tell you why we can’t answer your question. Simple as that.