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Peter Carini and William Francis

We dedicate our practice to DUI defense.  We represent DUI clients throughout Oregon from our office in Jackson County.

We have over 40 years of combined legal experience. We have represented over 2,000 clients charged with DUII in Oregon. We have represented hundreds of clients in criminal jury trials.

Our training is advanced, unmatched and specific to DUII, assault and vehicular homicide cases. Our education, experience and professional achievements include:

  • Certification courses in the police standardized field sobriety tests developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which are used by police officers in Oregon and throughout the United States.
  • Certification courses in the drug recognition protocols developed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the International Association of Chiefs of Police, which have been adopted for use by all police agencies in Oregon. 
  • Certification courses in the operation of the Intoxilyzer 8000 and 5000 breath testing devices that police use throughout Oregon in DUII cases.
  • Training in blood alcohol testing using gas chromatography with flame ionization detector, sponsored by the American Chemical Society and Axion Labs.  
  • Instructor at continuing legal education seminars for criminal defense lawyers across America on DUI defense.
  • Instructor in the forensic sciences applicable to DUI defense and trial strategies for successfully defending DUI jury trial cases in Oregon for the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and criminal defense lawyers associations of other states.
  • Membership in the American Chemical Society, the National College for DUI Defense, the National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the National Trial Lawyers Association, the DUI Defense Lawyers Association, the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers College.
  • President-elect, Jackson County Bar Association.
  • Member, House of Delegates, Attorney Disciplinary Board and Arbitration Panel of the Oregon State Bar.

If you're looking for answers, the best way to get on top of your present situation is to call us and tell us what happened. We'll give you good, current and correct information. If you were charged with DUI less than 10 days ago, we will prepare and submit documents to the DMV to start a process that can protect your driving privileges and prevent a license suspension.


Be careful if you're using attorney websites to educate yourself on Oregon law. Many attorneys dabble in DUII defense, yet promote themselves as DUII defense experts. It's easy to do that on the Internet. Almost all of the attorney websites that we read proclaim that these lawyers are "aggressive," "fearless" or "relentless" advocates for their clients (or words to that effect). You should be aware that most of these lawyers are general practitioners who rarely, if ever, take more than one DUII case to trial per year and have no specialized training in the forensic sciences on which the state relies in prosecuting DUI cases. Many of them are divorce, bankruptcy or immigration attorneys who solicit DUI cases as a sideline but have never taken a case to trial before a jury.


DUI defense is unlike any other type of criminal defense. The laws and the issues in a DUI case are highly complex. Juror attitudes need to be addressed in a specific way. In most cases it is you against a machine and a police officer.

These cases can be won. We have the record to prove that. We highly recommend that you call us to get the most current information in this ever-changing area of law. We will give you a thorough case assessment so that you can be fully aware of the courses of action available to you.

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We don't take court-appointed cases. We won't jeopardize our focus on your case by taking on too many clients. We keep our practice small so that you will have direct access to us without having to navigate through an associate, a paralegal or a secretary to get your questions and concerns addressed. We have devoted our practice to those clients who value highly effective legal representation, favorable outcomes and absolute discretion.

Immediate Answers

We usually return calls with 60 minutes. Telephone consultations are free. If you call about a DUII arrest, we will ask if you have requested a DMV hearing. The rules require that a request for a DMV hearing must be submitted within 10 days of arrest. We can prepare and file your DMV documents for you. There's no charge for this service. Call so we can instruct you on how to protect your license and your future. Time is on your side if you move quickly.